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A Special Message regarding the postponement of the Quilt Shows

Thank you everyone for visiting our web site. As many of you are aware by now, the Quilt Craft and Sewing Festivals for March and April have been or postponed as have many Quilt guild shows. This has caused a devastating blow to most quilt show vendors. As self employed small business owners we have basically lost one of our most profitable times of year and therefore our pay checks for 2 months, something I would not wish on anyone! I know many others are suffering through this as well.

We just want you to know that we are so grateful to our wonderful customers who are ordering online and emailing words of support as we try to ride out this storm. If you would like to have the list of vendors who many of you would have seen and shopped with at these shows, click the link below.

Although I don't have emails or web addresses for them, most of them have Facebook pages or they are easily found online by searching Google. Please consider ordering from them whenever you can, I guarantee you they will be ever so grateful. If you have trouble finding contact info for a specific vendor you'd like to contact, you can email me at justnotions@verizon.net  and I will do my best to get you the information.

Over our 37 years in business we have been blessed with amazing customers, many who have become friends and we will never be able to thank you all. We cant wait till this has passed and we can get back to our crazy normal!

God Bless you all,
Ron and Raylene Salazar

Sacramento Vendor List

Denver Vendor List