Guild Program Information


Dear Quilt Guild Program Chairman,

Quilters Haven is the home of the popular “Less Than Traditional” Series of patterns, tools and notions seen in all the most popular quilting magazines. This technique was designed by Charlene Bement “Charlie” over 40 years ago and is an ongoing series that is easy enough for a beginner yet fun for Quilters and Seamstresses of all skill levels. We have been teaching this quick and easy technique coast to coast for over 35 years and as a guild program or workshop it is always a hit!

In our program we will show your group the step by step basic technique that is the foundation for all of the patterns in our series. We will also show lots of variations and ideas to inspire your group as well as some of the most useful and popular notions. The program lasts approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins.

Our terms are easy! We do not charge a fee for the trunk show and lecture instead we are compensated by setting up our “traveling quilt shop” so at the end of the program your group can shop for not only “Less Than Traditional” products but lots of popular quilting notions as well!

Hands on workshops are also available for a fee of $30 per person. We have a minimum payment requirement of 10 people or $300.

We also provide door prizes for your meeting. For every 10 members in attendance we will provide a door prize so if you have 60 people in attendance that’s 6 great prizes! If your guild has a day and night meeting we are happy to do both!

Note: For our set up we will need a total of 3 -8 foot tables. 2 available to set up our quilt shop and 1 for the trunk show as well as an area to set up our mobile tables. In order to unloaded and set up in time for your members’ arrival we will need access to your meeting location at least 1 hour prior to the start time of your meeting social time.

With rising gas prices it has become necessary for us to charge round trip mileage at a rate of .56 per mile round trip. In addition, locations far enough to require an overnight stay will require you to provide hotel accommodations. (Determined on an individual basis. I am sorry we do not stay in private homes but a cheap motel 6 type room is fine as long as it’s in a safe area) For more information or to schedule a trunk show or workshop please email us at justnotions@verizon.net. Keep in mind we are often available on short notice should you find yourself with a last minute program cancellation.